Zero-waste shopping makes the news

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SESIYou may have seen coverage in the national news about the “first” zero-waste supermarket in the UK. A married couple have opened Earth.Food.Love. in Totnes, Devon which stocks organic wholefoods in self-serve dispensers. Customers are invited to bring their own containers to stock up on everything from pastas and grains to maple syrup. They even have a ‘grind-your-own’ nut butter machine.

They’ve produced a great film describing their journey and also a how-to guide for others wanting to set up similar projects.

However, in Oxford, our very own couple, Rina and Paul of SESI have been doing a similar thing for years! Part of the CAG Oxfordshire Network, SESI is a social enterprise which supplies organic, fair-trade and local food and sustainable, locally made detergents in people’s own containers. Whilst cutting on food waste and industrial recycling of packaging, they also wish to democratise food to make it affordable to the majorities.

CAG are supported by Oxfordshire County Council and Cabinet Member for the Environment, Cllr Yvonne Constance said: “It’s wonderful to see organisations such as SESI and others working to reduce the amount of packaging that results from simple food shop. While a lot of packaging is now recyclable through your kerbside bins, it is better if we can avoid producing it in the first place. SESI’s commitment to low packaged, locally produced food also helps other small businesses in the area and reduces food miles across Oxfordshire, making good local food easily available to residents.”

You can find SESI at:

East Oxford Farmers Market Pop Up Shop every Sat 10am-1pm

South Oxford Farmers Market – SESI detergent refills only

Cultivate’s Veg Van stops

You could also become a SESI Refill Partner by running a detergent Refill Station from your premises, community market or local hub. Find out more about this exciting opportunity and what’s involved in this brochure.