The CAG Project staff team are lucky enough to have a voluntary advisory body supporting us in our work; a group we call the Network Forum. Currently our Network Forum comprises 9 people from 9 different community action groups (CAGs). The individuals involved come from a range of groups, helping the staff team to stay connected to the realities that groups are experiencing ‘on the ground’ as they make a whole range of amazing things happen across the county. This is very important to us as a staff team – ultimately we’re here to support the CAGs, and the network ‘belongs’ to its members. The Network Forum help us develop our strategy and areas of focus, as well as assessing applications that groups make to our ‘special project grant’ funding pot.
The current Network Forum members are:
Alan Brawn – Greening Chinnor
Alexandra Mates – Oxford Circular Collective
Cliff Marshall – Abingdon Carbon Cutters
Daniel Scharf – Stonehill Community Garden
Eleanor Watts – Rose Hill & Iffley Low Carbon
Jack Lawson- Cultivate
Marcus Simmons – Transition Chipping Norton & Westmill Sustainable Energy Trust
Peter Lefort – Oxford Food Surplus Cafe
Sam Chappell – Broken Spoke Bike Co-op
Thank you all for your contributions to the Network Forum and the smooth running of the CAG Project!
The CAG Project staff team are having ongoing conversations about how the Network Forum might evolve to help the CAG Project to support groups around Oxfordshire as effectively as possible. If you ideas about how this could work, do get in touch.