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Resources for Groups

CAG Quickstart Guide – a brief how-to resource on setting up and running a CAG
CAG Terms of Reference – the common aims that are the root of our collective actions.
Becoming a CAG Oxfordshire member guide – for any community group or enterprise interested in joining the network this guide explains what we can offer you, what your contribution will be, and the process to become a CAG. (Please refer to this document but contact us for up-to-date information)
CAG Example Constitution – a draft example of a constitution for community groups to adapt
Setting up a bank account info for community and voluntary groups.

CAG Health & Safety Briefing and Template Risk Assessment – a guide for CAGs on how to ensure activities are safe including editable risk assessment templates
CAG Accounts Template – a template to help CAGs manage their financial accounts
CAG Equal Opportunities Policy Template – a template to help CAGs produce an equal opportunities policy
CAG Safeguarding & Confidentiality Policy – an example document for your group to adopt in order to safeguard vulnerable people
The CAG Project Overview to GDPR – a guide to help your group comply with the new General Data Protection Regulation. You can watch a recording of a webinar on GDPR for CAGs here

General guides
Training for change
NEON (New Economy Organizers Network)
Seeds for Change
My Community database of resources from 12 organisations
Setting up
Building your community group from scratch – a workbook, with exercises and examples, to guide groups into building a spark of an idea into a fully-fledged project
Transition network useful guides on starting and maintaining a community group
Legal structures for community organisations – short version and long version
Legal and governance options explained by The Hive
Select-a-structure tool from coops UK
Holding meetings
One way to run a productive meeting from stewardwood 
Consensus decision-making from seeds for change
When not to use consensus from Rhizome Network 
Group decision-making from
Taking minutes from seeds for change
Organisational culture
Transition health check
What organisational culture best fosters diversity? by Kaytee Ray-Reik (article)
Neon Introductory Guide: Power and Privilege, A handbook for political organisers 
Activities/workshop outlines on group working e.g. conflict resolution, trust, power dynamics
If you are looking to develop your leadership skills or have taken on a new role in your group, charity mentors may be able to help you with 1 to 1 mentoring
Facilitation and conflict resolution
The CAG Project Conflict Resolution Guide & Policy – a policy document giving guidance for groups experiencing conflict
Rhizome Collective resources on facilitation and working with conflict
Tree Bresson’s group facilitation site
Aorta Cooperative facilitation guides
The Five Fold Path of Productive Meetings Starhawk
Working with conflict in our groups: A guide for grassroots activists
Resolve the conflict quick guide
12 skill response from the Conflict Resolution Network
Facilitating online meetings – advice on holding meetings and training online from the gastivists
10 tips for better online meetings – Bootcamp offer short and sweet tips on improving remote chats
Leading groups online – a comprehensive document on how to lead groups online during the coronavirus online facilitation
A checklist to encourage people to join or stay in your group by Seeds for Change
Moving people up the ladder of engagement by (could adapt for a training session)
A guide on Community engagementfrom Locality
Communication & Media
How-to pitch to the media
Getting started on social media
Press Release Template – use this template to write your own press releases about events and activities
Photo Consent – a handy guide on how to ensure your group gets the right consent for taking photos at events
Photo Consent Form (children) – a downloadable (word) form to use to gather photo consent from parents/guardians
Photo Consent Form (regular) – a downloadable (word) form to use to ask for photo/video consent
Photos will be taken sign (pdf) – for use at community events to tell your audience that photo/video equipment will be used
How to: Promote an Event – a guide on how to promote your event and make it a success.
Event Promotion Checklist – a simple checklist for promoting your community event
Social Media for Community Groups – a guide on how to best use social media for your community group
The change agency’s educational resources + games
Wilderdom initiative games
Community food growing
‘Seed to Supper’ – open source six-week beginners’ gardening course book
Community Gardening Manual
Sustain – lots of useful resources and newsletters e.g. food poverty, veg cities, food coops
Anarchist’s guide to seed sharing
Food waste
Contact the staff team at CAG to learn about how to set up a Community Fridge
How to: Run a Food Surplus Cafe – a guide for groups on how to run a successful and smooth Food Surplus event
How to: Run a Dinner Time event – a guide for groups on running an engaging Dinner Time event to combat food waste
Recommended Food Surplus Project Resources – a handy list of local projects, national organisations and resources to help setting up food waste projects
How to: run a ‘Disco Soup’ food surplus event guide – a guide produced by Feedback on how to organise spectacular and celebratory public events to tackle food waste
The Good Food Cooking Framework – a resource from Good Food Oxford for people who teach cooking skills in Oxfordshire. With sections on healthy eating, affordable food and sustainability. You can also download associated resources to be used with the guide
Repair Cafes
The CAG Guide to Running a Repair Cafe –  a detailed guide giving you everything you need to know about running a Repair Cafe inc. health & safety
Repair Cafe Logos & templates – a zipped folder of Repair Cafe logos and poster templates
How to run a clothes swap event
Swapshop event kit
Tree planting & Biodiversity
Woodland Trust advice
Urban Tree Manual
Conservation Volunteers handbook
Wildlife gardening from the Wildlife Trust
Naturehood resources for home and school
Low Carbon Communities Handbook – a comprehensive handbook with tips and ideas on everything from engaging with communities to developing projects
The CAG Guide to Running a Thermal Imaging Project – an in-depth guide covering planning, using thermal imaging camera, interpreting images and giving feedback
Centre for Alternative Technology’s Zero Carbon Britain
Active Travel toolkit
How to run an anti-idling campaign
Cultivate will lend out their van to community groups who need it.
Drivers need to be over 25 years old and have a clean UK license i.e. no speeding or other fines.
The van needs to be used for community purposes rather than commercial or personal use.
Please replace the diesel used and give a donation to the amount you are able – a guide is £40-50 per day.
Contact Becks on 0771 891 2015 or Dido on 0779 627 4028 and send a photo of your license.
Arrangements for collection and drop off to be discussed over the phone.
A document with updates on practical advice, funding for business and social enterprises, and offering and receiving mutual aid during COVID-19 is live.
Search for funding opportunities and business plan management advice in my community’s financial support.
Special Project Grant
The Special Projects Grant is a fund which is administered by CAG Project staff. It is available to all CAGs within the network in order to deliver “special” projects, events or activities which they may not be able to self-fund otherwise.
Download the Special Project Grant guidance and form here.
Funding Database
We also maintain a funding database with opportunities for groups, which we are constantly updating. If you know a fund not listed here please email us.
Browse funding here

A ‘live’ list of resources can be viewed here. Please share your resources with the network by adding to the list.