Browse and download our catalogue of resources for CAGs and other community groups.

CAG Quickstart Guide – a brief how-to resource on setting up and running a CAG.
Low Carbon Communities Handbook – a comprehensive handbook with tips and ideas on everything from engaging with communities to developing projects.
Building your community group from scratch – a workbook, with exercises and examples, to guide groups into building a spark of an idea into a fully-fledged project.
The CAG Project Conflict Resolution Guide & Policy – a policy document giving guidance for groups experiencing conflict
How to: Run a Food Surplus Cafe – a guide for groups on how to run a successful and smooth Food Surplus event.
How to: Run a Dinner Time event – a guide for groups on running an engaging Dinner Time event to combat food waste.
Recommended Food Surplus Project Resources – a handy list of local projects, national organisations and resources to help setting up food waste projects.Recommended Food Surplus Resources
How to: run a ‘Disco Soup’ food surplus event guide – a guide produced by Feedback on how to organise spectacular and celebratory public events that tackle food waste. (We can also connect you to people who have run Disco Soup in Oxford).
The CAG Guide to Running a Thermal Imaging Project – an in-depth guide covering planning, using thermal imaging camera, interpreting images and giving feedback.
Repair Cafe Logos & templates – a zipped folder of Repair Cafe logos and poster templates.
The Good Food Cooking Framework – a resource from Good Food Oxford for people who teach cooking skills in Oxfordshire. With sections on healthy eating, affordable food and sustainability. You can also download associated resources to be used with the guide.
Press Release Template – use this template to write your own press releases about events and activities.
Photo Consent – a handy guide on how to ensure your group gets the right consent for taking photos at events.
Photo Consent Form (children) – a downloadable (word) form to use to gather photo consent from parents/guardians.
Photo Consent Form (regular) – a downloadable (word) form to use to ask for photo/video consent.
Photos will be taken sign (pdf) – for use at community events to tell your audience that photo/video equipment will be used.
How to: Promote an Event – a guide on how to promote your event and make it a success.
Event Promotion Checklist – a simple checklist for promoting your community event.
Social Media for Community Groups – a guide on how to best use social media for your community group.
Special Project Grant
The Special Projects Grant is a fund which is administered by CAG Project staff and the CAG Network Forum. It is available to all CAGs within the network in order to deliver “special” projects, events or activities which they may not be able to self-fund otherwise.
Download the Special Project Grant guidance and form here.
Funding Database
We also maintain a funding database with opportunities for groups, which we are constantly updating. If you know a fund not listed here please email us.
Browse funding here


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CAG Terms of Reference – the common aims that are the root of our collective actions.
Becoming a CAG Guide – for any community interesting in joining the network this guide explains what we can offer you and the process to become a CAG.
CAG Agreement Form – the agreement that all CAGs sign in order to become part of the Network
CAG Example Constitution – a draft example of a constitution for community groups to adapt
CAG Health & Safety Briefing and Template Risk Assessment – a guide for CAGs on how to ensure activities are safe including editable risk assessment templates.
CAG Accounts Template – a template to help CAGs manage their financial accounts
CAG Equal Opportunities Policy Template – a template to help CAGs produce an equal opportunities policy
The CAG Project Overview to GDPR – a guide to help your group comply with the new General Data Protection Regulation. You can watch a recording of a webinar on GDPR for CAGs here.