Enter ResourceCIT


What is ResourceCIT?

The Resource Community Impacts Tool (ResourceCIT), an easy to use online tool which supports community groups to monitor the effect of over 120 different activities, from tree planting and swap shops to bike repairs and thermal imaging.

What can it measure?

The tool indicates positive environmental impacts and social and economic value of projects by calculating:

  • Waste prevented and diverted from landfill
  • Energy savings
  • Carbon emissions avoided
  • Local authority and consumer cost savings
  • Value of volunteer time
  • Return on investment

What is it used for?

  • Recording key data from activities and events
  • Producing summary statistics, reports and presentational charts of impact.
  • Providing evidence for funding applications and reports.
  • Establishing a regular and consistent monitoring and evaluation process.

How can I use it?

ResourceCIT is available for free to all Community Action Groups (CAGs) and local authorities in Oxfordshire. If you are not a CAG but would be interested in using the tool please get in touch.

Contact the staff team for more information. 

Watch the video below for a quick introduction to the tool.