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What is Replenish?

In the UK, we throw away £20 billion of food every year, of which 70% occurs in the home. This is largely due to people lacking knowledge around how to store food correctly and make the most of what they buy. The Replenish Project aims to tackle this by sending our team of Food Waste Ambassadors to public-facing events in order to provide people with practical tips on how to reduce their food waste and start composting. Over the last year, our ambassadors have attended over 40 events and given advice to over 1,300 people. By cutting household food waste, we can help save the average family up to £840 a year. The associated reduction in greenhouse gas emissions is the same as taking one in four cars off the road! Replenish is funded by Oxfordshire County Council.

Join our team of Food Waste Ambassadors

If you are a people person with time to spare and a passion for making a difference, we have a voluntary role for you. We are looking for friendly, articulate, well organised people to join the team. Flexible hours & full training provided. Find out more here.

Would you like a volunteer at your event?

Replenish volunteers can:

  • hold a stall at your event, sharing tips on how to reduce food waste and how to create compost from your food scraps and garden waste
  • help your organisation, school or business develop its own plan for reducing and composting food waste
  • run a skills-based workshop, teaching practical skills such as cooking with surplus food, making your own wormery, using a bokashi bin, and more
  • give a talk, presentation or Q&A session for your group

If you’d like to book a volunteer for your event, click here, or to find out more, email the Project Officer.

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This project is funded by Oxfordshire County Council and delivered in partnership with Good Food Oxford. We also collaborate with many other local partners who work on food and growing projects.