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Peace Oak Association

The Peace Oak Association owns approximately 2 acres of land in Eynsham, which we wish to preserve as an open space to be used as an orchard and allotment growing area for recreational and learning purposes.

Our primary interest is in promoting growing of fruit trees and local and seasonal produce and in encouraging young and old to enjoy and participate. We will preserve the wild nature of parts of the site alongside shared vegetable plots and small orchards. We have a particular interest in growing apples and in bringing back Eynsham old varieties to the village. We hope that our site will be used by schools and by organisations working with vulnerable groups and we will be build links with organisations working with those with learning difficulties.

We are looking to recruit members who will play an active part in the development of the vision, the care of the site and the growing, learning and environmental activities.

We will be opening up for members from 2018. Membership is £8 per person or £10 for a family and we hope members will participate in the care and development of the site and contribute to working parties.




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