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Kidlington vs Climate Change

289 Oxford Road Kiddlington OX5 2PE United Kingdom [Map]

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Founded by Anthony Simpson and Janet Warren in July 2007, the group has run some high profile events in its 9 year existence. These included the inaugural event, a showing of the film ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ in October 2007 and ‘The Age of Stupid’ in September 2009 to sell-out audiences at Exeter Hall, and the staging of an annual Eco Fair beginning June 2009 until the fourth and final event in June 2012, with around 30 stands and 250 visitors. This effort was unsustainable and the group then concentrated on smaller events for audiences of up to 35, including a very successful presentation by a member who had external wall insulation installed on his solid walled 1930s house in November 2013 and February 2014. There was also a productive collaboration with the Low Carbon Hub to promote the Green Deal (Warming Oxfordshire) in early 2013. This has led to the group becoming a ‘class B’ shareholder of the Low Carbon Hub.

There is also a successful sub-group – Kidlington Abundance – established in 2012 with the aim of utilising the forgotten and unused fruit in Kidlington gardens.
In recent years, activity has declined due to a combination of active members leaving the area, and having to work against a loud silence on climate change from all sides. New active members with new ideas and energy are welcome to become involved. We meet at 8pm every second Monday of the month, currently at the Sainsbury’s coffee shop – a space that is offered free of charge to community groups.


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