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Incredible Edible Hooky

Incredible Edible Hooky aims to act where we best can, here in our own village, working to build a sustainable future by creating a community inspired to grow, cultivate, cook and share locally produced produce. Our BIG goals are:

To significantly increase local food production
Reduce our carbon footprint
Encourage us all to take control of shaping our future as a community
You can help this happen, and we welcome anyone with any amount of time they would like to give. The Incredible Edible mantra is ‘If you eat, you’re in’! Even the smallest amount of your time will make so much difference to what we can achieve, together. For the sake of your those who will follow us, for your children and grandchildren, join the team today.

For more information: https://www.incredibleediblehooky.com/


Dr Sarah Morris

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