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Guest blog from the New Internationalist. 


With Trump in the White House, fake news and nationalism spreading, the world urgently needs media that stands for something better.

At New Internationalist, we’ve pioneered our unique kind of global journalism for 44 years. We provide a platform for marginalised and progressive voices, and offer bold, bright ideas for how to shape a more equal world.

As we print our 500th edition of our magazine, we’re inviting thousands of ordinary citizens – like you! – to invest in media you believe in and become our co-owners. Together we will open up perspectives at a time when fear, apathy and division conspire to shut them down, reach millions more people and secure our future.

We’d love you to join us. Be part of the world’s biggest-ever media community share offer and let’s buy into a better story!

For more and to invest, please visit: www.factsandheart.org

PS: Your investment is withdrawable and you may also receive interest payments.