A new Food Assembly for Hook Norton

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Incredible Edible Hooky (IE Hooky) have very exciting news – and a request.

In the coming months, they will be launching a new initiative in Hooky – the Hooky Food Assembly. This will allow all in the Hook Norton area easy access to locally sourced food, drink and other supplies, all in one place and right on our doorstep. The project will help people in the area take action to protect our environment and keep their carbon footprint down to a minimum.

Here’s how it works:

Over the next few weeks, IEHooky will be contacting local food suppliers to sign up to the programme. At the same time you, the customer, can register as a shopper by doing the following:

  • Go to the Food Assembly Website: https://thefoodassembly.com/en
  • Scroll down and put in your postcode to search box that prompts ‘Where do you live’, in order to find the nearest assembly – this will be us!
  • Click on the link to open the Hooky Food Assembly page
  • Click on ‘Join this Assembly’ and fill in your details.

Once they have signed up enough suppliers (at least 30 and preferably more), and customers, (around 100 are needed), they will launch the Food Assembly. At this point, you will be able to go online and shop – just as you would with any online supermarket. Orders are paid for online and will be delivered to our collection point.

The group are working with the local brewery on this project, and their weekly collection slot will be 4 – 6pm on Thursdays from the Visitor Centre. We also hope that some of the local suppliers will be on hand, so that you can meet the people producing your food. 

What an exciting development for the local community (Hooky and surrounding villages).

Now here come the requests. Our 4 steps to success:

We need you!

  1. Are you enthused to come on board and be part of the small (3-4 person) management committee. We need both a Secretary and a Treasurer. Please see the attached role description for more information If you have the skills and aptitude and would like to see this project get off the ground then we would love to hear from you. 
  2. Do you have free time between about 3pm-6pm on a Thursday to be one of the volunteers who help co-ordinate the collection day. We need about 3-5 volunteers who can help with the setup, welcome customers, tick them off the order list, help them collect their shopping etc. Again, please see the attached ‘Coordinator role’ description for more information. 
  3. Are you interested in social media and have a bit of spare time to help promote the project? Open the ‘Co-ordinator role’ doc attached for a more detailed description. 
  4. Will you becoming one of the customers of the Hooky Food Assembly? Please sign up by following the instructions above. 

Finally, do you know of any other people who might be interested in signing up as a shopper, or who might have the appropriate time on their hands and be interested in volunteering? Please let them know! 

More information will follow on the Incredible Edible Hooky website.