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Navigate are a team of trainers and facilitators, who used to be known as Seeds for Change Oxford. They offer a wide range of support for groups. We thought members of the CAG Network would like to know more about what they do and how they could potentially support your group.


Guest blog from Navigate. 


Hello, we’re Navigate. We work with lots of different grassroots voluntary groups to help them be more effective and resilient, by offering free workshops, meeting facilitation, advice and support. 

These are some of the areas that we could support your group with:

Campaign planning:

Get to grips with the issues you’re facing and use creative tools to develop a birds-eye view of the future.

Sustaining yourself and your group:

Develop practices that support your wellbeing and help your group thrive and become resilient for the long haul.

Making collaborative decisions:

Focus on the values, attitudes and behaviours that support collaborative decision making.

Facilitating effective meetings:

Learn to facilitate effective and fun meetings and learn to facilitate difficult meetings.

Exploring power dynamics:

Work together on your power dynamics so everyone feels empowered, and so the group grows stronger and becomes more effective.

Working through conflict:

Learn to deal with conflict in your own group, so the group gets stronger, more resilient and more effective. If your group is going through conflict, we offer a mediation/conflict facilitation service.

Designing and facilitating workshops:

Increase your skills and confidence to design and facilitate your own workshops, so that you can share your skills with others.


What people say about us:

“It was a great success and highly beneficial in many ways, not just for the tools you have given us, which were a great help, but how it simply highlighted the benefit of getting away from technology for a while, and just getting together in a group with paper and pen, focusing on goals and ways to achieve them, brainstorming and getting to know each other better in the process.” – member of campaign group

Get in touch! For more information about us and what we offer, email, call Kathryn on 07795 171 652, see our website, sign up to our mailing list, join us on Facebook and Twitter.