Monday Shop say ‘caio for now’

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Three years after they opened their unique community shop, Monday Shop are saying ‘Caio for now’.

Of course many of us are sad to see this pioneering surplus food shop and social space closing – but it’s not all bad news!

Monday Shop was a weekly, pop-up, pay-as-you-feel, volunteer-run shop. It filled a gap at a time when lots of delicious, fresh veg was going to waste at the end of the weekend markets from local organic farmers with no other outlet. With the local food movement in Oxford going from strength to strength, this is no longer the case: there is less surplus and more outlets for local producers to sell their food. Monday Shop has played a valuable role in supporting producers to reduce their surplus and become more financially sustainable, as well as providing huge value to shoppers and the wider community. Ultimately their unique model no longer fits with the needs of local food producers and they’ve made the decision to close the shop, and focus their energies on new projects.

The Monday Shop team didn’t simply reduce food waste – they created a fun social space (in the Oxford Action Resource Centre, upstairs in East Oxford Community Centre) and made fresh local food available to anyone, regardless of their income.


To get involved in other food-waste projects in Oxford check the other CAGs you could get involved with –  there are lots of brilliant ones!

Here a couple more of our favourite memories from Monday Shop – showing that anything can be done with determination and enough cake!

MS second bday MS2 MS3

So long Monday Shoppers, and thanks for all the veg!