Incredible (Edible) Opportunities

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Incredible Edible have been awarded a grant from the European Social Fund by Oxford City Council to deliver a programme of horticultural, sustainable building and agroecology courses with young people at risk of becoming NEET (not in education or unemployment) and people who have been long-term unemployed.

The courses will take place around Oxfordshire in community gardens and growing projects including Stonehill Community Garden in Abingdon, among others. Participants will receive accredited awards for their participation. See below for more information on the programme.

Due to this funding, Incredible Edible are looking to recruit for three temporary consultant positions, a Publicity & Recruitment Officer, an Administrator and a Finance Administrator, to support the delivery of this piece of work. Check out the job descriptions below for more information. (Deadline: 5 pm 13th December).

Job Descriptions:


Financial Administrator

Publicity and Recruitment Officer

The Programme:

The innovative programme of skills training and volunteering will enable economically excluded people to access the expanding green jobs market, and are the first of their kind in the UK. The horticulture design course will include: orchard design and management; tree grafting; composting; building raised beds and cold frames; wildlife gardening; building bee hotels; and building cob ovens. The eco-building courses will cover: timber frame and straw bale building; green roofs; and clay/lime plasters. The Agroecology design course includes advanced edible landscaping design, site assessment, water management, soil health, small-large scale growing, pest management, and maximising yields.

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