Incredible Edible Courses Launched

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Incredible Edible Oxford, a volunteer- led CAG of locals planting edibles in parks and encouraging others to do so in their own spaces city-wide, has just launched a new series of community courses in the city.

The courses will be taught at OxGrow, a community-run garden in South Oxford, part of the Hogacre Eco Park, and will cover skills such as building a cold frame, designing your own edible space, making compost from your waste food and more technical skills such as building a cob oven, integrated designs and edible food forests.

“We are excited to launch this new range of courses to support the community of Oxford in building skills and enthusiasm for urban gardening. The hope is that more and more of Oxford will become edible, and that Oxford’s people can become more resilient and knowledgeable in their food supply,” said Rachel Hammond, Founder of Incredible Edible Oxford.

You can find out more and book the courses online or contact Rachel at Incredible Edible.