Feeding The Gaps

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Feeding the Gaps is a community led initiative bringing together people in Oxford working to tackle food poverty and food waste.

It aims to do the following:

– Get a better understanding of the scale of food poverty and food waste in Oxford;
– Identify anything that could be done to join up the dots between the services that already exist;
– Highlight any needs which aren’t currently being met.

Between April and September 2014, we talked to staff and volunteers working in the existing services and community groups, collecting their stories, and piecing together the big picture. The Feeding the Gaps Report was published at the end of September 2014 and has been used by Local and National Government to influence action on food poverty..

From 2015, Feeding the Gaps has been running a second project, building on the report.

The new project is focussed on:

– Co-ordinating the uptake of a community food mapping tool;
– Helping SMEs working with food poverty to reduce their own food waste;
– Cultivating relationships with food poverty organisations, identifying need and opportunities for partnerships;
– Capturing project learning, monitoring and evaluation, so they can be shared throughout and beyond Oxfordshire;
– Supporting and delivering initiatives that provide healthy food to the Oxford community e.g. community fridges.

For more information download the documents below:

Feeding The Gaps Report 2014 – read the report or the one page summary.