How to Avoid Climate Breakdown (Oxford) [New Internationalist event]

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June 13, 2019 @ 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm
Cowley Road Methodist Church
Cowley Rd
Jeune St, Oxford OX4 1BN
New Internationalist

Very interesting event being run by New Internationalist:

It’s official – climate change is happening faster than we thought. As carbon emissions continue to rise and impacts worsen around the world, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and fall into despair.

But while catastrophe is possible, it’s not yet inevitable. There are ideas and actions that can get us out of this mess.

We’re not talking about pipedream techno-fixes but the real far-reaching shifts we need to – and still can make.

Join us to discuss the genuine, transformative solutions to climate breakdown, with our panel:

Andrew Simms – Co-ordinator of the Rapid Transition Alliance

Emma EJ Fawcett – Climate Striker

Kingsmill Bond – New Energy Strategist at Carbon Tracker

Chaired by New Internationalist co-editor Hazel Healy.

6:30 – 8:00 Introduction, panel discussion & audience Q&A
8:00 – 9:00 Networking space and refreshments


Andrews Simms is an author, political economist and activist.He is co-director of the NewWeather Institute, Assistant Director of Scientists for Global Responsibility, a Research Associate at the University of Sussex, and a Fellow of the New Economics Foundation (NEF). His books include The New Economics, Cancel the Apocalypse: the New Path to Prosperity, Ecological Debt and Do Good Lives Have to Cost the Earth? He is the co-author of ‘How did we do that?’ which explores the possibilities of a rapid low carbon transition. @AndrewSimms_uk

Emma EJ Fawcett is a an organiser for the School Strikes for Climate movement. She is also a member of Extinction Rebellion.

Kingsmill Bond is the New Energy Strategist for Carbon Tracker, an independent financial thinktank which cemented the terms ‘carbon bubble’, ‘unburnable carbon’ and ‘stranded assets’ into the financial and environmental lexicon. A Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), Kingsmill has worked as a sell-side City equity analyst and strategist for over 20 years. He worked for many years in Russia, which is the world’s largest exporter of fossil fuels.@CarbonBubble

Hazel Healy is a co-editor at the award-winning New Internationalist magazine, based in Oxford. A writer and editor, she specializes in stories that unpack the thorny subjects of justice, equality and political change at outlets that include the BBC World Service, LA Times and The Guardian. She currently edits the Climate Justice column ‘Temperature Check’ and has stewarded other environmental NI editions covering efforts to adapt to climate change in Bangladesh and the May/June edition on Climate Breakdown. @hazel_healy

Cowley Road Methodist Church is on the corner of Cowley Road and Jeune street, opposite the UPP cinema.