Circular Collective launch their annual report

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The Oxford Circular Collective have just launched their annual report (and new logo, above), at an event for volunteers and partners at Restore Café in East Oxford. The report highlights how they’ve done in achieving their five aims this year. It’s very impressive stuff for a project in its second year of operation. For example:

  • In the past year they’ve collectively volunteered over 2,000 hours, dealing with 230kg of waste, and channelling 87% of that into re-use
  • They did 23 collection runs on their bike trailers (see below for a photo)
  • They held two upcycling workshops and a swap shop

You can read more about what the Circular Collective have been up to in their annual report.

Circular Collective also have exciting plans for the future –  starting work on bringing a Library of Things to Oxford! What’s more, you’re invited to get involved! As Alex from the collective put it:

This next stage in our history builds on the work we’ve done so far and will give a strengthened purpose for our collections – sorting – deliveries system. Why buy when you can borrow? From good quality camping gear to DYI tools, from sports equipment to fondue sets, the library of things will set out to protect natural resources, the environment, people’s financial resources and community cohesion all at once.

Interested in being a co-founder? Join us on 28 November 2017 18:30 – 20:00 upstairs at the East Oxford Community Centre. For RSPV and details, please email Alex at Or if you’d like to see us earlier than that, find our stall at the next exciting CAG Skillshare event 11 November 10:00 – 17:00.

circoll trailers
Circular Collective’s bike trailers looking pretty at Mansfield College.