Its all change in the CAG Team!

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It’s been an exciting couple of months within the CAG team, with many changes afoot.

New Project Officer

Firstly we would like to welcome Rhiannon Colvin, the newest addition to our team. Rhiannon will be taking over Henry’s old job and will be focused on communications, publicity and media. She will be working on how we communicate more effectively as the CAG network, and is also there to help the CAG groups with any communication questions and support you might need.

Rhiannon was previously working in London, where she ran an organisation called AltGen that helped young people set up co-operative businesses as an inspiring and collaborative solution to youth unemployment and a way to build a more equal, democratic and sustainable economy. She also supported a network of community groups, social enterprises and co-operatives to develop and thrive in Hackney, and most recently worked with Transition Town Totnes on their local REconomy Project. With Rhiannon as an addition to our team we are hoping to provide more support around co-operative and social enterprise development.

Project Coordinator Job Share

Secondly do not fear – we have not lost Henry! He has just moved to a different role – and is now job sharing the CAG Project Coordinator with Alice. Henry will be working every Monday – Tuesday and Alice will be working every Thursday – Friday. They will cross over every other Wednesday on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month. They are also trying to make it easier for you to get in touch with them and request support. For any general inquiry please email: to send an email to both. If you have a support request we are now asking you to use our easy online form (here) which will make it easier to keep track.

Replenish Officer

Finally we would like to say a proper welcome to Marta, who joined the team in April. She is leading on ‘The Replenish Project’ a new project funded by Oxfordshire County Council that aims to reduce food waste. This will be achieved through training volunteers to raise awareness and share skills with the general public around food waste reduction and organic waste recycling.

For more information on new team members and their roles check out our about page here.

We look forward to working with you all over the next few months!