Change of approach to UK smart metering

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Opinion piece by Hugh Osborn of Sustainable Blewbury CAG

The Blewbury Energy Initiative of Sustainable Blewbury strongly support smart metering to provide consumers with accurate bills and monitoring, and to enable the optimisation of smart grids with local electricity generation and storage. Originally, smart meters were to be installed by the owners of the distribution networks, area by area for all consumers and coordinated with new communication facilities.

However, the installation programme has recently changed, with the companies that provide your electricity and gas now being asked to supply their own smart meters on an ad hoc basis at the request of consumers. We believe that this may discourage more smaller companies to enter the market to compete with the big providers.

This new method does not enable the optimisation of smart grids for renewable energy as not all consumers will be included to take advantage of variable off-peak tariffs in real time. It complicates switching providers especially for dual-fuel tariff users, or those with solar PV panels, etc. It is also not clear at present, how this affects community energy schemes if all local users are not included on a unified basis.

Sustainable Blewbury would like to hear your views, and if you agree your support in getting your community to raise this matter with your local MP, councillors and others. To contact us email Hugh.

Find out more about the groups activities on their website.