CAG Skill Share Programme is released

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We’ve just finalised our programme of community change-boosting workshops for next week’s Skill Share, taking place on Saturday 11 November at County Hall in Oxford.

Reserve your space now to enjoy good company, interesting workshops, and delicious food and drink.

An outline of the workshops is provided below:

The CAG Guide to Energy Projects:
Giving out energy efficiency advice is a great way to engage your local community but the fear of the technology and perception that you need to be an expert can often be a barrier for community groups! This workshop will equip you with the know-how to get out in the cold this winter and start surveying! You will hear tips from other CAGs on running community thermal imaging projects, learn about thermal imaging cameras and get an introduction to Bioregional’s online Community Energy Manager tool. With Alice Hemming (The CAG Project) and Matt Wood (Bioregional).

The CAG Guide to Waste Projects:
Want to offer a little extra something at your next swap shop? Or are you just fed up with the quantity of WEEE you have to throw away? Come and find about your group can get involved in a new programme to run electrical Repair Cafes across the County. Hear about how the Repair Café model has worked in The Mix and then get hand-on learning how to PAT test electrical items.
With Jo Harvey (Sustainable Wantage – The Mix) and Paul Bailey (Sustainable Wheatley).

The CAG Guide to Food Waste Projects:
When so much of the food that is produced ends up being thrown away before it even reaches our tables, how can groups take action to reduce the waste and build community in the process. This interactive workshop will explore the range of innovative models that exist in Oxford, from cafes and community cupboards, to Abundance and Disco Soup. Map out how food surplus might address the needs in your community and learns some practical tips. With Beth McAllister, Peter Lefort and Jo Hardern (Oxford Food Surplus Café)

The CAG Guide to: Transport and Air Quality Projects
Transport is a huge issue for Oxfordshire, linking work on cycling, air pollution, road safety and our planning system. Tackling all this can be difficult for smaller groups. How can we encourage positive change and tackle our local issues while also linking our work to maximise our impact across the city and the county? This workshop will offer updates on current issues and encourage groups active on these issues to share their experiences and questions, as well as looking at how we can work together in 2018. With Chris Church (Chair of the Association for Botley Communities, member of Oxford Friends of the Earth and a founder of the Oxfordshire Clean Air Action Network)

Sustaining ourselves, sustaining our groups
Taking action on issues of social and environmental justice can be immensely rewarding. It can also pose challenges. How do we respond to overwhelming news? How do we deal with insufficient political action without burning out, feeling overwhelmed by despair or taking our frustrations out on other group members? The workshop will explore the relationships between how we feel about an issue, the action we take and how our group works. Together we’ll share and suggest strategies and resources to help us, and our groups, work together in healthier and more sustainable ways. With Jo Hamilton (facilitator and community activist).

Change is a positive thing: Resolving conflict together
Challenges in group relationships or dynamics can be draining and stressful for those involved. But if differences are managed in an open and respectful way, conflict can become a catalyst for positive change. This workshop will take you through some strategies and communication tools for resolving issues in your group. With Alice Hemming (The CAG Project).

Effectively organising our groups
Community groups are all different, but they all involve different people coming together to achieve something. This workshop is about running energising meetings, staying connected with your group and volunteers, and making good decisions (amongst other things). The aim is to cover some tools and ideas to help you and your group to organise effectively and get things done.
With Henry Owen (The CAG Project).

Empathic outreach: engaging with loneliness
Loneliness is an unspoken reality hiding in all of our communities. Come and discuss how to draw on our own experiences to more effectively reach out to parts of the community who may currently feel that your events and projects are inaccessible to them. With Peter Lefort (Eden Project Communities).