The CAG Network gets bigger!

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The CAG Project is really pleased to welcome lots of new groups to the Network! We’ve recently expanded to welcome five new groups, some shiny and new, some with a pretty long history. Here’s a little information about them. And if you’d like to find out more about any of the groups, then get in touch with them through the links below.


The Oxford City Farm is a 2.5-acre site that people are working to transform into a vibrant community-led city farm in the heart of east Oxford, near to Florence Park. Excitingly, the farm has just signed a 40-year lease on the farm!

The farm engages local people with the process of food production and promotes healthy eating and local food. They grow fruit and vegetables, and hope to expand to farm animals eventually. The group are always looking for people to help out in their friendly work parties so keep any eye out for opportunities to join in! Find out more.


Oxford Conservation Volunteers has been around since 1977, carrying out practical work conserving the wildlife and landscape of Oxford. From the traditional craft of hedgelaying to the more modern task of fence building, they undergo a wide range of tasks on various sites.

Have a look at their events diary to see what’s coming up. They also have a blog featuring their latest news so you can stay up to date on how to get involved. Find out more.


Incredible Edible Hooky has been a part of the Hook Norton Low Carbon group for a while, but now they’ve formed their own separate CAG with the aim of edibilizing the village! They are working to build a more sustainable future by creating a community inspired to grow, cultivate, cook and share locally produced produce. Their BIG goals are:

  • To significantly increase local food production
  • Reduce their carbon footprint
  • Encourage us all to take control of shaping our future as a community

The group welcomes anyone with any amount of time to give – it all makes a big difference! Find out more.


Local Environmental Action Florence Park, otherwise known as LEAF, was started after a successful summer street party when neighbours got together to discuss how they could make their area more green. In winter 2016/7, the group ran a thermal imaging programme, where they surveyed 85 local houses and gave advice on how to improve the energy efficiency. This spring and summer they have been working on tidying up the garden at the Florence Park Community Centre and planting bee friendly plants and wild-flowers. They meet regularly over tea and knitting to plan their group activities. You can get in touch to find out more by emailing:


Transition by Design, or T/D, is a design collective that works across disciplines and fields with the aim of achieving a more equitable and low-carbon society.

They work across various fields including architecture, community-led housing, environmental design, graphic design and visual communication. They are currently working on some exciting projects, which you can find out more about here. They also co-organised the House of the Commons conference which addressed the housing crisis in Oxford. Find out more.