Assisting with GDPR

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A new regulation called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into effect from May 25th 2018 – which will affect us all. The regulation aims to strengthen the data protection for all citizens within the EU & giving people more control over how their data is used.
Although in the media the GDPR has been made out as a large looming entity on the horizon, it couldn’t be further for the truth for our CAG network. This IS a positive change for us as individuals and rest assured that The CAG Project (with some support from our lovely GDPR advisor, Marta Lomza, a network member) will work directly with groups to ensure our network’s compliance before the new regulations come into effect.
We are providing:
  • Bespoke webinar(s) – the first on Wednesday 18 April 7 – 8pm – This session has been recorded, and is available to view at this link on Youtube.

  • Brief overview of GDPR Considerations & Document Checklist for CAGs 

A summary brief of the key initial considerations regarding CAG’s GDPR transition and a checklist of key documentation required – with template links. Download it here.
  • A bespoke face to face workshop (if required)

With a GDPR advisor to support CAG groups and address specific queries (date & location TBC).
  • Additional support

    Phone/email advice & support via Kerry (with support from a GDPR advisor)
    Signposting to key available templates via our CAG web platform (for privacy notices, data protection policies, retention schedules, information security policy, data breach reporting procedures, etc.)
    Production of a GDPR CAG guide – building upon the overview document and using specific case studies from the webinars/face to face session as an on-going reference.

Should you have any urgent queries or questions about this process or support, please do not hesitate to contact Kerry directly: / 07793 647190


A note of thanks: Massive thanks to Marta Lomza for supporting with her GDPR knowledge – 2 exciting years of study can now be put into positive community action