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The Community Action Group (CAG) Project consists of over 65 groups across Oxfordshire, at the forefront of community led climate change action, organising events and projects to take action on issues including waste, transport, food, energy, biodiversity and social justice.
Started in 2001, the network is the largest of its kind in the UK, running over 2,000 events per year, attended by around 80,000 local residents and contributing over 20,000 volunteer hours to the county.


What we do

The CAG Project team provide free day-to-day support to the network members including:
  • Advice, expertise and mentoring to set up and maintain groups and develop projects, events and activities.
  • Insurance cover for network activities.
  • Access to CAG funding for special projects and support sourcing external funds for larger projects.
  • Press, media and communications coordination via our communication channels including the Key newsletter, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Training, skill sharing and networking events and opportunities.
  • Access to the ResourceCIT, a Government recognised data collection and monitoring portal, in order to report on and evidence our collective impact.
  • Access to a large bank of materials and resources.
  • Signposting to other organisations and bodies for advice and partnership building.
  • Facilitating work with local and national government


If you are interested in finding out more about becoming a CAG and member of the network check out our “how-to guides”.
The CAG Project is a founding member of, and based at Makespace Oxford – a community led project that is finding innovative ways of bringing empty and underused buildings back into use as an affordable working and making space for socially driven organisations. Come and visit us at this exciting new space!
The project is grateful for the support of the CAG Network Forum, an advisory group made up of CAG members that meets every 2 months to share learning and help shape the future direction of the project. You can find out more about the Network Forum and who is currently part of it on this page.
The project is managed by Resource Futures and funded by Oxfordshire County Council.

To find out more about our aims and common ambitions as a network, have a look at our Terms of Reference. If you’re interested, here’s our privacy policy for how we look after your data. 




The CAG support team

Alice Hemming

CAG Project Coordinator

Alice is an experienced project manager and environmental educator. She has led on a variety of community, sustainability and green space development projects, as well as environmental campaigning and education programmes at a number of national charities including People & Planet, Oxfam and Groundwork London. She has also worked in education and training settings and has an MSc in Education for Sustainability. Her passion lies in facilitating participation and empowering communities.
Alice works part-time (job-sharing with Henry Owen) on providing advice and fund-raising support to CAGs, as well as organising events and training.
Email Alice.












Henry Owen

CAG Project Coordinator

Henry joined the CAG Project in October 2017. He has a varied background in community action, communications, youth work and academic research. He has held roles in organisations in a variety of fields, including a local solar PV installer, an organisation supporting student volunteers, and previously as CAG Project Officer on short-term contract in 2015. Before coming to CAG Henry completed an MSc. in Environmental Change and Management at Oxford University’s Environmental Change Institute. Henry is also the Co-chair of the board of trustees at Transition Network, the charity that supports the Transition Movement around the world. He’s inspired by communities around the world (and around Oxfordshire) coming together to re-imagine and re-build our world.
Henry works part time (job-sharing with Alice Hemming) on providing advice and fund-raising support to CAGs, as well as organising events and training.
Email Henry.





Kerry Lock 

Communities Manager

Kerry joined the CAG Project in July 2017 from Earth Trust (an environmental learning charity) where she held the posts of Head of Learning and Head of Research and Skills. Kerry has a rich and diverse background of community engagement, education, learning, skills training, lecturing in Environmental Sustainability, and environmental research – as well as practical land management. For more details see Kerry’s full bio. As Community Engagement Manager, Kerry’s focus is to support the sustainable development of the Community Action Group network – including diversifying funding streams – to help springboard the incredible (and constantly evolving) array of community-led climate change action the CAG network has generated. Kerry is based three days with CAG Oxfordshire and two days split across CAG Devon, developing national CAG network opportunities, and directing education/learning opportunities nationally for Resource Futures.
Email Kerry.




Anais Bozetine

Replenish Project Officer

Anais joined the CAG Project in November 2018. She has a varied background in community growing, grassroots political action and teaching.

At CAG, Anais coordinate Replenish, an initiative that supports volunteers to raise awareness and share skills around food waste and composting. Passionate about sustainable food, she also runs an Oxford-based community garden, where she is experimenting with permaculture approaches. Prior to joining the CAG team, Anais studied Experimental Psychology at UCL. She is now keen to apply her knowledge of behaviour change within her new role at CAG, in order to encourage people to waste less food.

Anais is also a CELTA-qualified language teacher, having taught English in Spain, Italy and France.

Email Anais.


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Rhiannon Colvin 

Project Officer 

Rhiannon joining the CAG Project in June 2018. She has a wide range of experience working in facilitation, education, communications and community development. Her work focuses on supporting social enterprises, co-operatives and community networks to grow. Her passion is how we can talk about and build a more equal, democratic and sustainable economy. She has co-founded several projects such as AltGen, Hub Youth Academy, The Really Open University and The Space Project. She has worked for Impact Hubs, Hackney Cooperative Developments and The REconomy Centre in Totnes and has just finished a self led mistress on The Wellbeing Economy.
Rhiannon works part time and leads on communications, publicity and media.
Email Rhiannon.