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Abingdon Carbon Cutters

Directory: Oxfordshire
Located: Abingdon, United Kingdom
We have been a Community Action Group since 2008, working in and around Abingdon to help reduce the carbon footprint of Abingdon in response to climate change, promote a sustainable and resilient lifestyle for our town as fossil fuel stocks decline, and promote Abingdon as …


Directory: Oxfordshire
Located: Oxford, United Kingdom
SESI is a social enterprise which supplies organic, fair-trade and local food and sustainable, locally made detergents in people's own containers. Whilst cutting on food waste and industrial recycling of packaging, we also wish to democratise food to make it affordable to the majorities, because we believe …

Sustainable Didcot

Directory: Oxfordshire
Located: Didcot, United Kingdom
Sustainable Didcot is a group of Didcot residents with a shared interest in the environment, living sustainably and raising awareness of climate change. We believe that through positive action we, as a community, can reduce Didcot’s impact on this global threat. Our current projects include: Freecycle Live – an …